Lights on

Since when Christmas has lost its magic

When everyone tries to get things done before the end of year

When the season of giving hope

became the season of giving work

Since when Christmas has become just another day

but everyone still says Merry Christmas like it’s special

Since the day you were gone

Christmas has lost its magic

but the Christmas light still shines

in the city that never sleeps

“They heard me singing and they told me to stop,
Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock,
These days, my life, I feel it has no purpose,
But late at night the feelings swim to the surface.
‘Cause on the suburbs the city lights shine,
They’re calling at me, ‘come and find your kind.'”

A voice in my head

Is it someone you lost

or a place you long to be?

When the going gets tough

when dreams shattered to pieces

when life gets you down

when hearts are broken 💔

Search deep 

I hope you find

a voice in your head


“Don’t cry

hold your head up high”

May you find your voice ❤️


Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a big country

I can travel to small towns

visit remote suburbs

take road trips

explore the countryside

embrace nature

move to a new state

without restrictions

with space to breathe

space to roam

space to live

one that I can call home

Wouldn’t that be nice.

The biggest excuse

Are autistic people using autism as an excuse for their challenging behaviour?

Are people who are depressed using depression as an excuse to be lazy?

Are people using mental illness as an excuse?

How dare I even suggest? 

Forgive me for I’m only a human.

You can’t blame me for reacting like most people do.

I’m just a human, I ain’t no saint.

Sometimes we hurt each other 

but you know I didn’t mean to.

It’s a cruel world,

we gotta be tough to survive,

or else die,

and some people got to make the sacrifice. 

Most people would have done the same, 

I did no wrong.

Even so,

I’m only human, I ain’t perfect.

We all make mistakes, don’t we?

After all, we’re only humans, 

prone to human frailty,

succumbing to the lures of power.

Have pity on us,

tell me we deserve another chance,

and another…

Afterall, we’re only humans.

And being human,

is the biggest excuse. 

Fifty shades of blue

I would like to be able to lift my head up high and breathe in the wide expanse of blue sky, instead of seeing towering blocks of skyscrapers, like contestants of a beauty pageant, clamouring for attention