Dead cat bounce

I’m slowly bouncing back. Thanks for your continued support and patience. I’m getting some work from one of my employer that will temporarily ease the financial situation. There are still some spillover emotions I haven’t dealt with, which I might or might not write about. I still need time to catch up with others’ posts. I’m still in search of other paid positions. Survival mode is switched on, I need to make every hour/minute count since I’m being paid by the hour. I need to get my executive functions working, which is a challenge in itself. I may not blog as often but in keeping with the promise I made to myself when I started this blog, my blog will be updated at least once per week. Thanks everyone who read and/or commented on my posts. They (by they, I mean my posts, not the comments) are not the most positive and encouraging but I didn’t write them with the intention of spoiling someone else’s mood. I wrote them for my own benefit and vanity. This post, by contrast, is written with the hope of bringing a smile to your day. It’s been said that watching cat videos is good for you. I hope pictures of cats have a similar effect. This is for you all lovely readers! ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

Schrödinger’s cats

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who read and left a message on my previous post. Sorry for my lack of response, which isn’t a sign that your message is unimportant, I’m touched by each and everyone of your words of encouragement, I’m just not in the right mental state to respond now. I will slowly catch up with your posts. And in case anyone is wondering, I’m alive😁 although I might as well be dead😂. Thanks again for reading!


Aspie in Wanderland: Easter cat hunt

In my Wanderland, I play a different game which I called cat-n-seek. It involves wandering into the neighbourhood looking up and down, left and right, every turn and corner, in search for cats. It is a must do activity in my itinerary and I’d google for places with cats, or even check into accommodation with cats. I lost count of the number of cat photos I’ve taken over the years. I do know that when I see one, my face beamed with joy and excitement 😆