Aspie in Wanderland: Grinning like a cheshire cat

As I was looking for accommodation around the Macedon Ranges region, I turned to Airbnb for potential accommodation. I’ve never booked with an Airbnb before. Being a private introvert, I was unsure about staying at someone else’s place and sharing facilities for 5-6 nights. What if the host decides to cancel just before the trip? It seems too risky and unpredictable for my standards. However, I did seriously consider it as an option as there aren’t many budget hotels available. In the end, I did book with an Airbnb host despite my apprehension. What makes me change my mind? Because cats live in the house. I got hypurr excited when I caught a glimpse of a ginger in one of the photos. After I submitted my reservation request, my host replied with the question “why are you here for so many days?” I explained that we don’t have a car so we would rather find a convenient base where we could stay for a few nights to explore the region (I didn’t mention the cats). The host accepted my request. Nevertheless, she canceled my reservation the next day and explained that there was a storm overnight which damaged her house. Perhaps she was as nervous as I was to share a place with a stranger for 6 nights? Purrhaps she saw through my plan (with the cats)? I’ll give her the benefit of doubt at least, I still have time to look for alternative accommodation. She has also made my search for accommodation easier as it makes me realise that I’d be much more comfortable looking for an accommodation without shared facilities.

Even though I didn’t get to stay in a house with cats, there were still plenty of cat encounters during my holiday. I don’t care real or fake, art or graffiti, merchandise or window display, whatever manner or form, if you’ve got cat, you’ve got my attention.

This few months old kitty belongs to a second-hand bookshop and the mountains of books are her playground. 

This friendly cat below lives just a few blocks away from our ‘home’ in Kyneton.

The two cats below belong to our driver/guide. They are named after characters in Pokemon.


I got supurr excited when I saw Misty (below) because she reminds me a lot of my cat as they share the same coat colour!!!


“Ragdoll” by Nicole Barros



Confession of a catnapper

Definition of ‘Catnap’:

  1. a very short light nap (Merriam-Webster); a short sleep (Cambridge Dictionary)
  2. to take a cat away by lure (usually food bait) and hold ransom, usually a demand of affection in exchange for release, synonymous with kidnap (the unofficial crazy cat lady dictionary)

Confession statement:
I’m guilty of a charge of catnap, in fact, I’m a repeat and unrepentant offender. My targets are accommodation providers such as hotels with cats. I tempt them into following me into my room with a combination of TLC and food, then I hold them ransom in demand for purr-affection, occasionally a one-night stay in exchange for their freedom. These are my victims.

Trying to call for help?

Aspie in Wanderland: Mad Hatter Party

Dear friends, 
you are cordially invited to my pity party,

Celebrating Moaning 35 years of existence misplacement on Earth

I know times are tough
I have no words but sigh
Here’s some colours to brighten your day
^-^cats to warm your heart
wide blue skies to refresh your senses
cool sea breeze to invigorate your soul
If wishes do come true
let’s get out of this place
to somewhere only we know
In our Wanderland
where a better life awaits us

Wishing you well & 
Happy Purrday to me

Dead cat bounce

I’m slowly bouncing back. Thanks for your continued support and patience. I’m getting some work from one of my employer that will temporarily ease the financial situation. There are still some spillover emotions I haven’t dealt with, which I might or might not write about. I still need time to catch up with others’ posts. I’m still in search of other paid positions. Survival mode is switched on, I need to make every hour/minute count since I’m being paid by the hour. I need to get my executive functions working, which is a challenge in itself. I may not blog as often but in keeping with the promise I made to myself when I started this blog, my blog will be updated at least once per week. Thanks everyone who read and/or commented on my posts. They (by they, I mean my posts, not the comments) are not the most positive and encouraging but I didn’t write them with the intention of spoiling someone else’s mood. I wrote them for my own benefit and vanity. This post, by contrast, is written with the hope of bringing a smile to your day. It’s been said that watching cat videos is good for you. I hope pictures of cats have a similar effect. This is for you all lovely readers! ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜