Coffee tastes better with cat hair in it 🐱☕️

Cat therapy time! These were taken in January 2018 at the Neko Cat Cafe in Phuket. I’ll be off for my trip, fingers crossed (do people say break a leg for public presentations?)😂  Enjoy your coffee or tea and cat! 😺


Wretched beauty

This scene from Good Will Hunting never fails to make me cry. I remembered 2o years old, watching this in the cinema, quietly shedding a few tears. Sometimes, we carry more than we could bear and we need that someone in life to tell us that it’s not our fault.

The heartbroken and depressed, the lost and abandoned

the hurt and weary, bleeding and wounded

suffering in silence

The pain behind the smile, the fear beneath the mask

invisible to all but the most sensitive of soul

Your guilty conscience screaming loud, takes the blame

the despair only a depressed soul would understand

Black clouds hovering over my head

I wish they stay forever so I’d remember what it feels like to be broken

and to remind myself to be kind and compassionate

This world I wasn’t meant for, the wretched beauty

don’t cry my dear, it’s not your fault

Black Cloud, Playwrite

Oh no it’s not your fault,
There’s nothing you can do.
If I were you, I’d start walking
You could make thirty miles a day.
It don’t seem like much,
But you’d be thirty miles away.

Oh no it’s not your fault,
No way you could have known.
But now it’s gone, you’ve got the choice
Do you stay or go?
There is a black cloud spewing from the earth.
It takes a while to work,
But you know just what it does.
Yea, you know just what it does…

I wish that there’ something I could do.
I wish that there’ something I could do.

Oh no there’s nothing left,
Nowhere that you can go.
Your life is all but underwater.
Way up in the air,
You see it on the floor, it doesn’t seem fair.
And this cloud has a curse, and you know just what it does.
It comes down from above, and settles on the earth…

A beautiful lie

You told me to be patient and kind
Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. 
You see the world can be unkind
But you tell me it’s a beautiful life
It’s a beautiful lie


Inspired by Harry Pane’s Beautiful Life

Pokemew Paw

Location: Phuket, January 2018

The streets of Phuket are great for Pokemew Paw

The game is simple

Turn on your cat radar

Explore every nook and cranny

Spot as many cats as you can

Extra points for petting the cats

Who needs Pokemon Go when you have Pokemew Paw?

Holy Cats

There are many temples in Phuket, some are very popular among tourists, others are less known. I love visiting the temples for their architecture. It is an added bonus if there are cats. The pictures below were taken at the Rawai Temple, Phuket in January 2018.