My Apawlogies

Sorry, my family and friend.

I went back to Singapore for a few days last week as my mum had a cataract surgery. I’m glad to say the operation went well and she is recovering. Going back home is always a mixed feeling because I have no affection for the place I was born in, other than my immediate family. I know a friend living in Australia who happens to be born in the same country as I was. She said she felt close to me because we came from the same hometown and that means we shared the same memories of home and food. I hate to break it to her that I don’t share her sentiments. I regard her as a good friend simply because she is a good friend and not because of our common heritage.

Sorry, cats.

My parents currently live in a private high-rise residential in Singapore, which has been our home for more than 20 years. There are many stray cats hanging around the various blocks of apartments and over the years, we’ve seen many cats come and go. Many of the cats (and dog) you see below are no longer here. It makes me feel sad when I think of them and I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to help them much. Lately I’m starting to feel a little more depressed than usual and I was full of mixed emotions on the flight back to Singapore last week, I had this thought on my mind:

One day, when I have enough of this world, I am going to leave. When that day comes, I may not be able to say goodbye in time and I hope you can forgive me.  


I had a rather productive weekend. I’ve just written and sent to the newspaper my open letter response to the university’s misleading article on autism. You can read about the university’s article here (Part I), my initial response here (Part II) and the author’s response here (Part III). I sent the open letter to the same newspaper in which the article was published. I would know in a week’s time whether or not it is accepted for publication. If not, I intend to send it to other newspapers. I will translate the contents of my open letter and publish it on my blog later on. I also intend to write another open letter in English and submit it to the English newspaper.

Sorry everyone.

It’s been 2 years since I started this blog and I realise I’m not making any progress in terms of pursuing my dream of moving to Australia or somewhere else that is less populated and spacious. There are a few mental health related conferences taking place in Australia this year which I wish to attend with presentation submission deadlines coming up in 1-2 months’ time. I hope I can submit mine in time. I don’t have too much expectations given I haven’t got much time to prepare but I would still like to give it a go. It is difficult because I am using my own personal time to do my own research as this is entirely outside my scope of work. It is a challenge to find time to work on my own project after work especially when I can become overwhelmed with fatigue and sensory overload. It also involves a lot of planning and organisation which my executive functions struggle with, not to mention that I have another research to work on at work. What this means is that, I might be spending less time reading the posts of the people I follow on WordPress. I’m sorry this has to happen, especially to those I’ve just recently followed. I didn’t sign up to follow your blog in the hope that you would also follow mine. When I click ‘follow’, I am genuinely interested in reading about your stories, hobbies and adventures. I’ve tried reading every post of the people I follow on a daily basis but that leaves me little time for my own research. There are many posts with informative and interesting ideas I’d love to read but sometimes it gets to the point of information overload, I start to get distracted and lose focus. I hope you will forgive my poor multi-tasking and slow processing skills. I’m sorry if I have not been reading or liking your posts.


I’m not anti-social, I’m selectively social

Sociable is not a word I would use to describe myself. It is a word I regard with distaste but I have a change of mind recently, after a visit to the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket last month.  When we arrived at the shelter, there was 45 minutes till their next scheduled guided tour. While enquiring what we could do at the meantime, the staff at the shelter asked,

“Are you up for socialising with the cats?”

Upon hearing this, I had a wide grin on my face and replied, “Of course, this is the reason I’m here.” For once, the word socialising sounds like music to my ears. The guy at the shelter has given me a new perspective. I’ve always thought of myself as asocial, if not anti-social, but whoever said you must only socialise with your own kind? I love socialising, I’m just particularly selective about whom I socialise with. I’m not anti-social, I’m selectively social. 🙂 😺

I’m a party animal!

Excuse me, you’re standing too close!


Come join the party!

Aspie in Wanderland: The Cats of Meowbourne

I had a busy and tiring week. The only pressure to write comes from myself. This blog exists to remind me that I’ve got a dream, its purpose is to keep my hope alive. It’s tempting to stop writing and I fear that if I do stop writing, I will forget about my dream and lose all hope. I’ve been working tirelessly this week for other people so they could pursue their research interests. And I wonder if anyone can help me pursue my interests. I guess I am all alone in the pursuit of my dream.

Aspie in Wanderland: Grinning like a cheshire cat

As I was looking for accommodation around the Macedon Ranges region, I turned to Airbnb for potential accommodation. I’ve never booked with an Airbnb before. Being a private introvert, I was unsure about staying at someone else’s place and sharing facilities for 5-6 nights. What if the host decides to cancel just before the trip? It seems too risky and unpredictable for my standards. However, I did seriously consider it as an option as there aren’t many budget hotels available. In the end, I did book with an Airbnb host despite my apprehension. What makes me change my mind? Because cats live in the house. I got hypurr excited when I caught a glimpse of a ginger in one of the photos. After I submitted my reservation request, my host replied with the question “why are you here for so many days?” I explained that we don’t have a car so we would rather find a convenient base where we could stay for a few nights to explore the region (I didn’t mention the cats). The host accepted my request. Nevertheless, she canceled my reservation the next day and explained that there was a storm overnight which damaged her house. Perhaps she was as nervous as I was to share a place with a stranger for 6 nights? Purrhaps she saw through my plan (with the cats)? I’ll give her the benefit of doubt at least, I still have time to look for alternative accommodation. She has also made my search for accommodation easier as it makes me realise that I’d be much more comfortable looking for an accommodation without shared facilities.

Even though I didn’t get to stay in a house with cats, there were still plenty of cat encounters during my holiday. I don’t care real or fake, art or graffiti, merchandise or window display, whatever manner or form, if you’ve got cat, you’ve got my attention.

This few months old kitty belongs to a second-hand bookshop and the mountains of books are her playground. 

This friendly cat below lives just a few blocks away from our ‘home’ in Kyneton.

The two cats below belong to our driver/guide. They are named after characters in Pokemon.


I got supurr excited when I saw Misty (below) because she reminds me a lot of my cat as they share the same coat colour!!!


“Ragdoll” by Nicole Barros