On the road to Leongatha

I took a short break recently to spend a few days in the Australian countryside and will be sharing more pictures here. The trip was booked a while ago so it wasn’t the earlier event of February that prompted it although I did come back feeling a little more hopeful (emphasising ‘a little more‘ because I’m cautiously positive 😂). I want to thank my friends at WP, thank you for reading my posts even if I’m not the most proficient writer, thank you for sparing me those positive pep talk, thank you for staying with me on what is perhaps the most uneventful journey ever. I’m also terribly sorry that I can’t follow/comment/read every post that is blogged, but I know people who still visit my blog despite that, thank you for your generosity.

I know a magical place 

where broken hearts are gently mended

where peace is found in solitude

where tired souls can finally breathe

with each step forward

the legs scream louder

the heart beats stronger

what was once dead

now teeming with life

as the birds sing

the wildflowers bloom

the trees whisper

between you and me

the wonders of nature

holds the answer to my question

it’s in here somewhere

on the road to Leongatha

Envy blue

I was told that skies are blue

but in my memories

they were always kind of pale and greyish blue

These days

this city

the sky is rarely blue

mostly grey and overcast

even on a one fine day


You show me this is how a blue sky looks

I cried for I’ve never seen a sky so wide and blue

for a very long time

I have mistaken grey for blue

I must be reminded

I must believe

even if my part of the world is grey


it’s blue and clear

that’s the colour of the sky

the colour of my envy

Screaming Woman Bird

When night falls

and peace is restored

she stays awake

the precious hours

not to be taken for granted

the tears she’s been holding back

the screams she’s been suppressing

she can’t control no more

so she lets out a mournful cry

a woman weeping in the dark

her screaming haunts the night

Bush Stone-curlew, or Bush Thick-knee

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To my kookaburra friend

I had several close encounters with kookaburras during my trips to Australia last year. I said “Laugh kookaburra, laugh” but they were very quiet. It seemed they preferred to laugh behind my back, out of my sight.😂

I promised King Ben’s Grandma that I’d post some kookaburra pictures when she’s back on WP so here they are, merry merry King of the bush! Welcome back, Kookaburra Gran and hello everyone!😄

a.k.a. Great Brown Kingfisher

a.k.a. Bushman’s Clock

a.k.a. Laughing Jackass

a.k.a Laughing Kookaburra

Laugh kookaburra, laugh!

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