Moody Monday

Moody is when injustices are tolerated because the victim couldn’t speak for themselves

Moody is when injustices are ignored unless somebody dies as a result

Moody is when your colleagues said something stigmatizing and you did nothing to intervene

Moody is when you feel your work is not or less appreciated because you are not a ‘professional’ in this field

Moody is when you try not to make a fuss over the fact you’re working full-time for the price of part-time because you want to be understanding and considerate

Moody is when you are told your contract cannot be changed from a part-time contract to a full-time contract because the human resources department of the leading academic institution cannot or takes a snail pace to process these applications and you can’t help but think WTF?

Moody is when your (other) employer keeps asking you to help print documents for her as though you are a printing shop and when you are already broke

Moody is when you have yet to receive the official confirmation that you’ve been accepted into the research program but you’ve already booked for your next holiday in anticipation of the confirmation

Moody is when you realise you have no money to pay for your rent and holiday and have to take out a loan

Moody is when you’ve lost motivation

Some days are just moody like today

I hope you have a nicer day than mine