Mooving to a new blog

Its been a week since my return from Australia. My mum and I have been visiting Australia around this time each year since 2009. It is our summer escape. I have pictures to share but my media storage space is about to reach its capacity and instead of paying a premium to upgrade my site, I am going to start a new blog. It is a fitting time too since I’ll be entering a new phase of my life in September when I start my research study (yes, I finally received the official confirmation while I was on leave). I doubt I will be posting any new content on this blog while I’m working on my new blog, which I hope to launch next month. I will make an announcement here when it’s ready. Please stay tune and thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Mooving to a new blog

    1. Thanks Brad, you don’t have to miss Dear Walden because my new blog is Dear Walden! You’ve already guessed it! 👏 There was a period I used that name for this blog but when I realised I needed a new blog, I quietly changed it back to Dream Walden. 😀

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  1. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on lessons learned from your first blog & what you’ll do differently this time (if anything). Looking forward to the new one!

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