Quiet space

After the end of a 2-day conference and on my walk back to the hotel, I sat down by the park and wrote this:

Today is the end of day 2 of the conference. I heard there were about 500 delegates. It was a much bigger conference than the mental health conference where I presented in July, and a lot noisier too. I’m glad I didn’t have to queue or mingle with the crowd during lunch time as there was a designated social space for autistic people to hang out. There was also a quiet room but I didn’t get to use it. There was no need for me to. I didn’t have to travel far to find my quiet space. I prefer to take solitary breaks by taking short walks outside the conference venue. Walking keeps me relax and that’s much better than being in a quiet room. I don’t need a quiet room if I can find peace and nature outdoors. For a long time, I didn’t think I stim but I was reminded that the act of walking involves the repetitive motion of putting one foot in front of the other. In Australia, even in a capital city like Brisbane, I could just take a break and step outside where there’s space for me to roam and breathe, without coming into physical contact with anyone. Unlike where I’m residing now, I have trouble keeping people away from me even if I just stood still. At this point, I felt isolated because I am the minority (cultural) of a minority (neurodivergent) and nobody truly understands how much my environment is killing me.

Below are pictures taken outside/near the conference venue.

A lovely walk in the park nearby
I sat here to pen my thoughts
Taking a selfie πŸ™‚

This is the poster I put up at the conference (click to enlarge). Judging from the lack of response in my blog, I’m going to say not many people have read it. It is disappointing but I will admit I didn’t pay much attention to others too (information and sensory overload). There are many others who are making positive contributions to the autistic community. I am merely a dreamer from a foreign land, who am I to compete with them? I wasn’t trained in the field of science and I don’t even have a research degree, who am I to criticise the “experts” and “professionals”?

9 thoughts on “Quiet space

  1. I love your poster! Wow, you designed that? Rock on! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Your pictures are amazing; such lovely landscape! Lol we do conferences the same way–an escape whenever possible, and avoiding the social barrage in the commons areas πŸ˜‰ Only way to fly, right? I hope you’ve been able to get some nice recovery time after your event πŸ’—

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    1. Yes, I designed the layout of the poster. Thank you for liking it 😊
      It is a lovely place, the stadium is right next to it and you get all that space pretty much to yourself. The views are amazing and it helps to have a good camera too 😜
      I came home on Monday and haven’t been out since. I guess this is my recovery time. I was only in Brisbane for a few days since I’m travelling again next week with my mum.☺️

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  2. Such a lovely place to have a conference. I’m happy that you got to go and that you can look forward to another adventure soon. Your poster is wonderful as is all of your writing. Through all of your sharing you have done more to help me understand the spectrum and its many facets than anyone ever has. I have shared your writing with several people who are not on WordPress and they have benefited as well. And although I am not on the spectrum you have given me a greater empathy for myself and my own very quiet nature. Thank you Lin ❀️ You make a difference 🌷

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