It was a bad idea to check my work email

As if the arrival of Monday isn’t dreadful enough

I really did try to get some work of my own done during the weekend

But I was tired

I have trouble putting ideas into words

So much to do, my mind is full

Is it my fault I can’t multi-task?

So much to think, I need more time

Is it my fault that I’m slow?

It’s hot and stuffy, my mind is stuffed

I need to go for a walk to engage my thoughts

I need space where my thoughts can roam free

I need fresh air for my thoughts to flow

But I’m stuck within four walls

Trapped in this godforsaken city

Out of air

Out of space

Of which I’m now convinced

I’m either going to die of overdose or

suffocate to death

My mind goes for a wander

Back to Cape Pallarenda

Where there is aplenty of space and breeze

Breathe new life into me

Methinks that the moment my legs began to movemy thoughts began to flow” – Henry David Thoreau

Cape Pallarenda Townsville QLD 2018

7 thoughts on “Suffocate

  1. Our lives have a surprising number of similarities; between the retroactively regretful checking of the email to the trapped, going-nowhere feeling, to the beautiful dry sunny scenery in your lovely pictures – so many parallels here! Kind of like an inter-hemispheric twinship, or at least siblings 😉😘. I hope you get to breathe more freely soon 🤗🌬💫🏝🏹🌸💕

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    1. Thanks my dear! I do wish I am closer in geographical proximity to my friends on WP, be it the US, UK or Australia.
      I am planning for another trip real soon, my employment contract would have come to the end by then.
      Cape Pallarenda was stunning! It’s about 30 minutes bus ride from downtown (the bus was nearly empty), I started walking around 9:45am and kept walking for the next 5 hours. During this time, I passed by about 4-5 mountain bikers and that’s all. Halfway, it felt so remote I was actually glad to see a group of students on a class outing towards the end. I don’t hate people, I just wish there could be less people lol

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah! It seems like everywhere I go I’m trying not to bump into people lol 😂 That sounds like one amazing day! I’m glad you have a trip coming up; it’s helpful in life to have something to look forward to 😁 Geographical closeness would be awesome! I’d find it hard to decide where to settle, because there are so many places I’d like to be 😉💗💜😎☯️🏝

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