Finding Bella

There is never a dull moment on the road less traveled. We have had a couple of rainy days in the past few weeks, some parts of the trail was literally flooded.

On one occasion, I walked past a lady who was sprinkling tiny shreds of paper on the ground. I curiously asked what she was doing. Apparently, there are running groups called hash clubs who meet on a regular basis for a run and drink, and the lady I saw was leaving symbols along the trail that were like clues and breadcrumbs for the group to follow.

On another occasion, I came across a young boy who was asking for directions (I’m really bad at guessing age, but I would say he was somewhere between 12-15 years old). He wasn’t wearing any thing else other than a pair of white underpants and carrying a racquet. I thought his lack of clothing was a bit odd, that wasn’t something you would come across every day. On further thought, I should have asked if he was alright, even though he didn’t look like he was in distress or anything.

And did I mention wild boars? Not just one, but four! We were so close in proximity, I nearly walked into one of them. However, by the time I took out my phone camera, they were too far out of sight.

Today, the trail wasn’t flooded, there was no breadcrumbs to follow, and I didn’t see any wild boars. There was however, a lady looking for her missing dog, Bella. I’ve seen posters of the missing dog elsewhere along the trail but I never paid close attention to the details. Today, I met Bella’s owner, face-to-face and she handed me a hard copy of the poster. She told me about Bella and where she was reportedly seen by other hikers. I took a glance at the date Bella was last seen, May 19th, thinking that was more than a month ago. And then the owner said she has been missing for more than 2 years. I thought I heard wrongly so I took a closer look at the poster again. It reads May 19th, 2016. The dog has been missing for more than 2 years. What is unbelievable is that the owner is still looking for her beloved dog everyday, hopeful that she is still sound and alive. I nearly wanted to cry. I admire her optimism and courage. We ended up chatting for a while, I told her about my cat and showed her my cat portrait tattoo. I would have been heartbroken to lose my cat. But at the same time, I would have felt defeated and given up long ago. I don’t know what possesses her to carry on. Her strength and determination made me feel small and insignificant. I have so much respect for this incredible lady. She said something about the importance of hope and that’s what keeps her going. Isn’t that what keeps us alive? I hope Bella shows up soon. Maybe I’ll see her one day. I don’t know what Bella’s owner is thinking but I’m sure glad she crossed my path today.

Here’s to hope. 🐶💜🍺🍖

11 thoughts on “Finding Bella

    1. What you said about love reminded me of the saying, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It’s not easy. To love takes courage, I’m touched by her love too. Thank you for reading ❤️

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    1. She made me cry as well, it’s certainly not something I come across daily. Thanks for reading. I wanted to share her story as a reminder to hold onto my hope. You too, be kind to yourself and take care. ❤

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