Quotes from the Bloke

Thank you A Guy Called Bloke for tagging me in the 3 Days 3 Quotes tag. According to the rules, I have to post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days. Well, that’s easy right? I have no idea why 3 consecutive days. The thing is, I post as and when I like in my blog and my oppositional defiant tendencies don’t like to be told otherwise, so forgive me for doing things differently.

I follow A Guy Called Bloke because we share a passion in mental health, a subject he writes fervently and eloquently about and he doesn’t shy away from taboo. In appreciation of his continued inspiration, I am going to post a selection of my favourite quotes/posts from the bloke.

“People annoy the crap out of me! Not everyone of course, but a large majority of them do, not individual persons, no, but en masse loads of individual’s together making up for a society of peoples – yes they do!” Walking on Eggshells

Hell yes, people is my biggest problem!

“l am not anti-social, l am selectively social today…and you are not selected!” In the Six


“Don’t be afraid to be who you are, or afraid to make your mark on the world, my biggest fear and l do mean this, is ‘being the same as everyone else!’” All of Us – Are Uniquely Defined Personalities – All Of Us

“Trying to ‘fit in’ is not always easy! It’s OK to be different…”


“It is easy to hate what you don’t understand or in many cases what you don’t wish to understand – it is easier to be a homophobe, or a racist or an atheist, than to actually readily accept the changing ways of society. It is way more convenient to not go out of ones’ way to take on board the actualities of mental health – because these things happen to other people and not you. The mind draws a blank with these ‘hidden’ disabilities and disorders – only the ‘healthy’ are considered normal and worthy of being talked to and talked of, in comparison to being talked about. People all too easily forget that everyone has mental health!” You’re Kidding Right?

Everyone has mental health. THIS doesn’t get any more ironic in the mental health field.

“Don’t Rush Me! When l am ready, l am ready, when l am done, l am done!” Is the Colour Blue?

Here I am, ready and done!

Please check out A Guy Called Bloke and Doodlepip’s Adventures for more inspirational quotes. 

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