Just shut the fuck up

The first time I read this post by Laina on the diagnostic criteria for Allistic Spectrum Disorder, I laughed because it was brilliantly funny. I still think it’s funny except when you are now being surrounded daily by people on the Allistic Spectrum, in a constrained noisy environment where bullshit is the special interest of the majority, individuals bordering on Obsessive Compulsive Social Disorder, and suffering from Social Addictive Syndrome, small talk addiction, intense emotions aroused by the fear of solitude and isolation, noise seeking individuals for whom silence is too much to handle. It becomes a nightmare. I’m not going to apologise for the title of this post, I need to vent and/or break.

I’m tired of always being the one who accommodates your needs for empty shallow small talk; I’m tired of always being the one who has to adjust to your loud obnoxious laughter; I’m tired of always being taken for granted; I’m tired of having my needs ignored.

Autistics are said to be frank to the point of being blunt. I’m not. Sometimes, I lie. I try to be polite and considerate. So if you see me smiling, what I’m actually saying is:

SHUT       THE       FUCK       UP!


Featured image by Millerone on DeviantArt

5 thoughts on “Just shut the fuck up

  1. Omg yes!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 This was quite the refreshing read!!! Omg you nailed it. Nailed it straight in. We need Quiet Hours for society in general, during which they’re not allowed to be rude or obnoxious 😁 No booming bass-y stereos or subwoofers, no hooting and hollering, and good god, no American football 😳😉💚💙

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  2. How awful for you! I’m sure that even though you’re polite you’re giving off all kinds of subtle hints that you’d rather be left alone. So these buttheads are being double rude and poopie! And if you *do* protest you’ll be labeled as the rude, unsociable, weird one. Maybe you could practice an “evil grin” 😈 and scare them all away from you😜😻😽💌💌

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