Welcome to my neighbourhood: A sensory simulation

“…I am starting to find life in this crowded city unbearable to the extent it is making me sick. I am overwhelmed by the sounds of busy packed streets, the incessant chatter and hordes of traffic, human and vehicular, which seems to be bombarding my senses from all directions.” 

I gave you a virtual tour of my neighbourhood earlier this year, I thought I’d do a video this time. I hesitated to post it because of the poor quality (I was just using my cheap phone). This is my first attempt and I thought maybe I should get a stabilizer and try filming a few more times before posting. But then I changed my mind because hell, I don’t want to do this anymore, walking around the busy street with a phone/camera and a stabilizer, filming a scene that irks me. The quality isn’t good and it made me feel dizzy but then it isn’t meant to be nice. My hands were shaky but then they always are. They are not added effects. It is a reflection of my anxieties which I try to hide. It reflects my stress that comes with being out on the street. It is as it is, raw and unfiltered. So there you go, turn up the volume and enjoy one hell of a ride! *Warning: May Cause Dizziness


6 thoughts on “Welcome to my neighbourhood: A sensory simulation

  1. Oh, wow. My first thought-too much noise! Could hardly finish watching. I am grateful for my small town right now, though it has its set of challenges ( i.e. busybodies) . I used to dream of a big city I could disappear in, but, not so much now.

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    1. Maybe somewhere in between a small town and a city would be nice…I was wearing my earplugs all this while, can’t go out without it 🎶, but it is not totally soundproof as I have to be alert to my surroundings. Sorry but Thanks for watching. 😂

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      1. Yeah. In-between might be the way to go. I could see earplugs being very important. It’s ok. It is good to see ( and hear) what others deal with sometimes. ☺

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  2. No green spaces🙁 my poor dear friend, I would hate being there too. Too many people, too much noise. Where is the grass, the flowers, the trees?? I’ll stay in suburbia, until I can afford to live by the ocean😜

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