“I don’t know” deconstructed: Take One

“Someone may ask the person with an ASD, “What are you thinking and feeling now?” and the reply may be, “I don’t know.” This is not being obtuse. The full answer could be, “I don’t have the ability to conceptualize my thoughts and feelings in a coherent way that you would understand, and I do not have the words and language to precisely express my thoughts and emotions.” Tony Attwood, Been there, Done that, Try this!: An Aspie’s Guide to Life on Earth.

Various thoughts running through my head
Floodgates of emotions
Linking the past, present and future
Grievances, misgivings and despair
Crying out like poison to be expelled
Where do I even begin?

Nothing Arrived – VILLAGERS
“I waited for something, and something died
So I waited for nothing, and nothing arrived
It’s our dearest ally, it’s our closest friend
It’s our darkest blackout, it’s our final end
My dear sweet nothing, let’s start anew
From here all in is just me and you
I waited for something and something died
So I waited for nothing, and nothing arrived
Well I guess it’s over, I guess it’s begun
It’s a losers’ table, but we’ve already won”
Featured image: Deconstructed coffee. Picture: Ellen Smith Source:News Corp Australia 





2 thoughts on ““I don’t know” deconstructed: Take One

  1. I get that total loss of vocabulary sometimes when trying to explain my pain. It’s like the words don’t exist or I can’t find them. Then I get to add frustration on top of everything else😕 Financial problems can definitely throw everything else out of whack. I hope things work out for you soon!! Lovely song. I’ve not heard of the artist before. 💌🌻💞🌴😻🌹

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