Schrödinger’s cats

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who read and left a message on my previous post. Sorry for my lack of response, which isn’t a sign that your message is unimportant, I’m touched by each and everyone of your words of encouragement, I’m just not in the right mental state to respond now. I will slowly catch up with your posts. And in case anyone is wondering, I’m alive😁 although I might as well be dead😂. Thanks again for reading!



4 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s cats

  1. You have been very much on my mind and I’m glad that you haven’t rejoined nature 😺🐻🐾 It seems that things have not improved much?? I’m sending positive thoughts 💌 & hoping things get better soon🌻Kitty pictures are always a welcome plus on any day! 😍I like how you caught some of them *talking* to you. I see their open mouths. 🙀 👏💞😄

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    1. Thanks Grandma! Thanks so much for your encouragement! 😄 I’ve just let my employers know that I need more work though I haven’t heard from them yet. I’ve been having difficulties processing my emotions which stop me from writing about how I’m feeling and pretty much from doing anything. My latest (and coming) post(s) is an attempt to ‘deconstruct’ the jumble of thoughts that are currently in my mind. 😺 ❤️

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