Employed but jobless: Oh what nonsense!

Feeling sick for the past few days. A tight knot in the stomach. How can someone be employed yet unemployed? Easy. If you hold 2 part-time hourly-paid job, which has for the past 6 months provided a steady income, not much for savings but enough to make a living and then you suddenly realise that there is little, almost no further incoming work from both employers resulting in a near zero income. Yes, I know such is the peril of hourly-paid positions, yet I didn’t see it coming because for the past 6 months, there were times where I was expected to perform something in short notice as if I’m a full-time staff or time-consuming tasks which take up almost all my time I thought I might as well have been employed full-time. In addition, my assistance is expected for an event in October which would take up a portion of my time. So really, where do I stand? I’m employed but without an income, I might as well be unemployed. That is the ridiculousness of blah blah land. Do my employers not realise that my living depends directly on them? Do they think I’m rich because I can afford to work 2 part-time? Is it so hard for employers to give a thought to their employees’ needs (regardless financial or personal, special/non-special, autistic/non-autistic etc)? You know that sick feeling when you realise that you are running short of money and might not be able to pay your rent etc? The hourly-paid arrangement feels like an injustice. I’m fuming, I’m worried, I want to yell at them but I know they are not bad persons, they are only human. And it’s time for me to communicate my needs.


7 thoughts on “Employed but jobless: Oh what nonsense!

  1. I can definitely understand that feeling of wondering if you will be able to cover the bills. We resorted to running our own remodeling business after the working world proved unproductive. ( I say “we” but physically I am not up to much more than trying not to muck up the paperwork. lol. My husband does the real labor. ) Where I love the freedom of calling the shots, it is very tough making a livable wage. I hope things improve for you.

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  2. Oh, DW… I’m really sorry, thinking and hoping the best for you.
    If you feel so, really, let them know somehow that you need work.
    What I have found useful sometimes, is playing “dumb”, like sending emails asking if you might have missed any message, job request from them, because your internet was faulty, etc, or call saying that your phone connection was bad lately, etc…
    I’ve lived from rent-to-rent as the only bread earner for 6 people, so I know how hard it is.
    Wishing you the best 💐👍

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    1. Thanks Moshe! I’ve played dumb, it didn’t work so I just went straightforward and all I got was a confirmation that work will be relatively quiet for the coming months. I’m still fuming but well, I don’t know what to say…
      Thanks for reading. Hoping things are going well on your side 😊

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