Married at first sight

News of a more stringent citizenship test and work visa requirements in Australia as well as overcrowding of Sydney train stations got me a bit down this week if they are signs that it is getting harder to move to Australia. I woke up today and my nemesis thought this the best time to pop the question.

You know, why don’t you get out more, make friends with expats, get a bf, find yourself a husband, that way, you can actually get out of This country. That’s the easiest and fastest, if only you’d take the first step!



Are you serious? You mean matchmaking?
Are you telling me to be more sociable?
But you don’t even like going out…
Is arranged marriage even legal?
Will you just marry someone so
you could move to another place?
But you can’t even stand the thought
of living with someone else,
let alone commit to a relationship!
You’re not even good at making friends!
Do you seriously think
this is going to work?

Think about the other options and you’d realise this is the best option! You don’t have the special skills to get yourself employed. You don’t have the brains to get yourself a scholarship. You don’t have the money to move. You are going to die poor and miserable!!! All you have to do now is get out more, make some friends, make yourself seen! That is your only chance. You won’t make yourself seen by staying at home. Won’t you do anything to get out of here, to make your dream comes true? Is it just all talk? I thought you are desperate to leave This country, maybe not so.


I like the idea but
marriage is not my thing.

Dammit. What is your thing anyway? You have no brains, no skills, no money and no guts. You’re beyond help. Oh by the way, how is your research proposal going? Ah I forgot you are too consumed by fatigue to work on it, Miss Lazy!😏 Prepare to die poor and miserable HERE!



Now if you’d please leave so I could get back to my work…


3 thoughts on “Married at first sight

  1. Oh my dear, my Mama Bear is coming out to do battle with your​ Nemesis!! Those lies deserve a smack-down! 💪👊Your dream will happen!👍 It may not happen soon🙁 but it WILL happen.
    If I’ve learned anything in my almost half century on this Earth, it’s that thing happen when it’s time, not when I want them to. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Sending much love & many hugs!!💖💝💞💙💜💗❣

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