Aspie in Wanderland: Easter cat hunt

In my Wanderland, I play a different game which I called cat-n-seek. It involves wandering into the neighbourhood looking up and down, left and right, every turn and corner, in search for cats. It is a must do activity in my itinerary and I’d google for places with cats, or even check into accommodation with cats. I lost count of the number of cat photos I’ve taken over the years. I do know that when I see one, my face beamed with joy and excitement 😆


11 thoughts on “Aspie in Wanderland: Easter cat hunt

  1. How fun! 😍 I have a “tortie” cat. She’s a strange character like the rest of the family😋 When Ben was little & I’d walk him in the stroller we used to look for birds & butterflies. Have you seen the Ghibli movie The Cat Returns? Great pics!!

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    1. Thanks Grandma! I thought since my photos will never get published, I will post them on my blog for my own entertainment lol. I have watched that movie… maybe I’m slowly turning into a cat, I see that you are slowly turning into something else too 😄 I secretly hope for the day when cats will take over the world hahaha😻

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  2. I’m done with my exam, submitted it, so I can comment, yay!
    So, I don’t “like” cats.
    According to a Vietnamese I think, zodiac, I am a cat, on top of it autistic, which is twice the stuff, as cats are being considered autistic creatures, actually…
    I respect cats, but from a distance, which I guess its ok for the cats, because it’s ok with me as well to be selectively “loved” from a distance, except when I decide to approach for reasons the approached doesn’t need to know…
    Sunday I managed to have a nasty hypo, being stuck in my car for nearly an hour, until my sugars decided to climb back to the drive-safe levels. Subsequently, the reason I was on antibiotics and steroids still, seems to still be around, causing I-don’t-like-it stuff… So that’s it, been around enough, meow 🤓👾

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  3. I used to be scared of cats (because my mum was scared) until I read a book about cats and for reasons you mentioned, found that we are similar in many respects. Approach me the same way you’d approach a cat, that is, from a distance. If you are excited, don’t show it. If I like you enough, I will not run away and may even walk towards you. 😊
    Meow go get into your box and rest well, it’s Caturday! 📦


    1. Oh meow, WP just ‘forgot’ to notify me of your reply…
      So yes, that’s exactly how I’d like my approachability to practically function, and it does, unfortunately for some aspects I became kinda Garfield, but meow, the gains seem more substantial than the losses, so pragmatically feline…
      Haven’t even got out of my box today, so meow 😉
      Take care 👾🖖

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  4. Love this post – you sound as cat crazy as us! We play a game called cat bingo where you have to guess the exact number of cats you see on the way home to win. If neither guesses the exact number noone wins. Their is a cat bingo champion at the end of the year!!! Hours of fun and no we are not in our twenties, I am 41 and Andy is 45!!! We are both cat lovers and we have just rescued three little cuties, Nera, Ebony and Ziggy. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about a cat I saw on holiday in case you have time to look? Have a good weekend, Sam 🙂

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    1. Hahaha, that sounds fun! Is there a prize for winning the champion?😺 My mum and I would see who spots the most cats (she is the only one crazy enough to play the game with me). Isn’t it amazing that cats brought us together? Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad you found me because I really enjoy reading your posts! Purr-lease send my love and kisses to your cuties, enjoy your Caturday! 😻


      1. I think we are going to make a little trophy or something 🙂 Cats really are special creatures hey? Looking forward to getting back and giving ours a big cuddle 🙂

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