How much time do I have left before it’s game over?

This is a game I’ve been playing for a while. The aim of the game is simple enough: in order to survive, I must avoid stressors that might trigger a sensory overload. If I fail to avoid the stressors, I put my life at risk of a sensory overload. Oh yes, it is potentially lethal. I haven’t thought of a name but F Off seems apt.

Rules of the game (current version is HK-17): To stay alive, I must avoid stressors that trigger a sensory overload. For each stressor I come into contact with, my lifespan is shortened by a day. Examples of stressors and things to watch out for include: loud and noisy environments; long line up; physical contact with people; people not looking where they’re going; people who stand or sit too close; getting poked by people’s umbrellas; people obstructing the way with their luggage; people blocking the way generally; people using selfie sticks or pointing their fingers without paying attention to where they’re pointing; kids yelling and running about; people who smell like they’ve just smoked a whole pack of cigarette or haven’t showered for a week; people breaking into laughter; commute at peak hours; construction works; vehicles honking; the loud passenger in a bus or train carriage; pedestrians talking enthusiastically behind me I can’t wave away their voices; stuck in a packed elevator especially a packed elevator in the campus full of noisy students babbling across my face etc. The list is not meant to be exhaustive. In any event, each time I’m out and with all the stress, anxiety and mental effort, I feel as though my lifespan has been shortened by a year. Going out for a hike is considered a risk event which brings no more than a momentarily psychological relief. I can earn lives by going on a holiday or getting a tattoo. I don’t rule out that most of the stressors that might trigger a sensory overload are also manifestations of my misanthropic tendencies or hypersensitivities to the human species. Yes, the rules are arbitrary, so is life.

If the human average life expectancy is 80 years, how many days or even years have been taken away from me and how much time do I have left?

Featured image: Thomas Hawk via Flickr creative commons



2 thoughts on “How much time do I have left before it’s game over?

  1. You need some kind of “armor” to protect you from some of those stressors. Most of the time when we take Ben out someplace that is bound to be noisy and flashy we have him wear sunglasses, earbuds for music, sometimes a hat with the brim pulled low. It helps him block the stuff.
    I like the game analogy!! 😍

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    1. I always have my music/earbuds on but that doesn’t earn me any lives or make me invincible 😂 Noises still seep through especially when I have to turn down the volume so that I could hear what the cashier is saying or if I’m in an elevator, I don’t want people to hear what I’m listening. I like the sunglasses and hat idea. To block out flash and people, seriously, there are too many of them 😂
      Thanks for reading ❤️

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