A virtual tour of my neighbourhood (thanks to Google Maps)

I love love nature but I confess to spending a majority of time indoor (and love it too). One of the biggest change in 2016 was I became more recluse than ever. I stopped going out unless it was work-related. The greatest motivation for getting out was to catch a plane for vacation. And then, there was the rare but occasional social engagements. If I have to run an errand or grocery shop, I tried to get these done on days I were out for work, killing two (or three) birds with one stone, so to say. At the time of writing, I haven’t been out for 4 days, my longest record was 13 days. People tend to portray this choice of lifestyle negatively, not that I care, I am not idling, I earn my living working from home. I hike for the same reason I choose to remain indoors, I do it out of self-preservation. In fact, various decisions I made in the last year, and I suspect it will be the same for this year, was out of self-preservation for I am at a breaking point. And unless you are prepared to assume responsibility for my future and to provide for me and my family financially, no one has the right to judge my choice of lifestyle.

“I am overwhelmed by the sounds of busy packed streets, the incessant chatter and hordes of traffic, human and vehicular, which seems to be bombarding my senses from all directions… It is a struggle to navigate the narrow streets without coming into physical contact with other pedestrians.” My Dream Walden

I was scrolling through my news feed this week (bad idea). A new train line has just commenced operation in Hong Kong and I saw images of train stations jam-packed with commuters. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. The images should have come with a warning that they may cause unease! Perhaps I should have avoided the news altogether on New Year’s Eve, which was pretty much hordes of people everywhere trying to catch the fireworks.

Have you ever considered or count the number of pedestrians you come across each day, say from your home to the nearest bus or train station? I wasn’t going to make a video record of it but thanks to Google Maps, I could perhaps give you a glimpse of what my journey is like. The images were dated 2011 and I suspect from the number of shops that were closed, it was in the morning. Since then, we had a new train station which began operation in late 2014. With a little more imagination, you could add a combination of sound effects of cars and trucks driving past etc (bad bad idea), the smells of engine, construction dust, perfume, cigarettes etc (bad bad bad idea). I felt as if I have already been out. Thank goodness for the holiday, I have a day to recover from these anxiety inducing images 😐

To end this post with a more sensory pleasant image, I decided to take a walk down memory lane to where I used to live in the UK, and where I stayed during my holiday on Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia… you get the picture, I hope 🙂


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