Postcards to myself

I love collecting postcards, be it places that I visited, places that I haven’t visited, places I hope to visit, or places I might never get to visit. And I have a habit of sending postcards to myself, as though the act of sending a postcard represents a wish and a blessing. So what has changed in the 6-7 years I’ve visited Australia? Certainly, postage costs have increased. It was AUD$1.45 in 2010, $1.60 in 2011 & 2012, $1.70 in 2013, $1.85 in 2014 and $1.95 in 2015. It was still $1.95 in September 2016 but has most recently increased again to $2.10 in November 2016.

I don’t know but it seems like a sign that I am further and further away from my dream.

With love,


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