Lost, hoping to be found

Losing myself again in the sea of people.
Wasting time obsessing about human nature,
then wasting time worrying about the time I’ve lost, in a job where time is literally money.
If only living is as simple as walking.
But it is not enough to put one foot in front of the other;
it is not enough to breathe air into lungs and exhale;
when doing good deeds is simply not good enough,
you need more than a kind heart to survive.
No matter how hard I try, it is still not enough.
Surround yourself with positive people, I don’t blame you if you think that way.
Darkness is my natural way of living, I don’t expect you to understand.
I could rest a tired feet but how do I revive a weary heart?
I wish I could laugh as hard as I could cry.
If I could sleep away all troubles, I could lie in bed all day.
I am not tired of life, it is people that wear me out.
You are my solace in a city that never sleeps.
You are my comfort in a world that doesn’t stop talking.
Take me into your arms where I could breathe and roam free again,
then let me rot and become part of you.


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