Two weeks ago

It is the “back to reality” after a vacation. Each time I returned from a trip, I like to play a game of “Where was I” with myself for the next 4 weeks, at least. After I thought of the answer, I let out a sigh as I couldn’t believe it was only just yesterday / a week before / 2 weeks ago / 3 weeks ago / a month before, that I was enjoying myself in another part of the world.

So as I woke up this morning, I would be thinking “Where was I 2 weeks ago? What was I doing 2 weeks ago at this hour”?

Arriving Phillip Island, enjoying a morning stroll along the village of Cowes



What was I doing in the afternoon?

Ferry ride to French Island, enjoying an afternoon stroll on the remote island 

Back to Cowes and watching the sunset. Perfect day!

And back to now….(sigh). Glad I quit my previous job, at least I’m not currently tied to a job I detest.



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