Too late to dream?

In my 30s and figuring out what I want, sometimes I wonder if it is too late for me to be dreaming, to talk about dreams and ambition.

I have been catching up with episodes of the UK TV series, “Wanted Down Under“. The show features British families who are considering to migrate to Australia or New Zealand and helps them make the decision by giving them the opportunity to spend a week in either Australia or New Zealand and get a taste of what these countries could offer in various aspects such as work, property, lifestyle and the cost of living. The individuals featured in the show come from different walks of life. However, they share a dream in common ~ in search of a better life. I feel comforted to know that everyone, no matter what your background, is entitled to dream for a better life and I should stop feeling guilty about not being satisfied with my current environment. There is nothing wrong in wanting a better life if you find your current environment is not doing you any good.

Scorpions, Follow Your Heart

Have you ever climbed the mountain? Have you ever crossed the sea?
Take a look around the corner and listen to your heartbeat.

Have you ever touched the rainbow? Take a ride on the ferris wheel?
It takes one step to start a journey, it’s up to you to make it real

This is the time for yourself to be free, you gotta follow your heart
This is the time in your life and it’s never too late
To see the light in the dark, you gotta follow your heart

Walking far away horizons, you will never walk alone
You’ll be at home where your heart is, a million miles away from home

Show me the way, who knows the way
This is the only road to go
Life brings me down, it takes me up
And only, only heaven knows


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