Greetings from Down Under


I’m on holiday this week, a holiday I would have liked to take 3 months ago but had to postpone because my parents were moving and I had to return to pack my belongings. A holiday I would have liked to take last month but because of my new job commitments, I wasn’t able to take the time off (and I didn’t have that many days of leave to go on a trip of more than 7 days). I like to escape from the heat of summer and spend a few days in wintry Australia. I wasn’t going to make an exception this year. I quit my job of 2.5 months before leaving for my trip. It seems like I quit my job in order to go on a holiday. However, it was a combination of reasons that led me to resign. I have outlined those reasons in my post “Five scoops of ice-cream“. Anyone reading that would probably guess that I was encountering serious problems with my job at that time. Ultimately, it was the anxiety level and the lack of passion that triggered my decision ~ I could try to make things work for something I am passionate about but I wasn’t going to make the effort for something that I lack passion. Leaving that behind, I wish everyone a good day ! 🙂


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