Happiness and surroundings



“Happiness comes from your heart, not from your surroundings.” Yes/No?

If you are unhappy inside, you won’t be happy wherever you are, I get the point. But, I do believe surroundings can be a source of unhappiness too. While I was trying to think about an easy topic to blog about, I thought of doing a “10 things I will miss in Hong Kong (if I leave this country)”. It turns out there really isn’t. There are things that I like (such as food, affordable fashion, cheap gadgets, cat-themed shops) but these are really superficial. Sure, there are beautiful countryside here but I don’t think it is something I will miss (ask me again if I do leave this country) considering the emotional, mental, sensory and physical hurdles I need to overcome in order to get there. The only thing I will miss is those memories of HK that I’ve shared with family and friends (there you go, people do have a place in my heart)!

Dragon's Back 30.12.10
Hiking in HK

This week, I bid farewell to my home in Singapore where I grew up in. I’m literally in a mourning period for the loss of my childhood home and bedroom where I like to lock myself in (I can be overly attached to non-living objects or humanise them). My parents are downsizing and moving for economical reasons. This means there will be one less thing to look forward to when I return the next time (there aren’t many to start with). I wonder if I would eventually end up hating every country I’ve lived in?

Where I grew up



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