I won’t let anybody tell me I can’t do something, not even myself

What do you think about my blog?

It sucks and I’m embarrassed.


I mean you just keep rambling on and really, who cares? 

People have said nice and kind words.

Because they are nice and kind.

You are still not convinced about this idea?

No, it is YOU that I’m not convinced with.

What do you mean?

I don’t think you have that capability.

You do know why I’m doing this, don’t you? 

Do you remember when you used to love running? You were 12 when you took part on the sports day. Even though you came in 4th at the 800m, you were happy nonetheless. Thereafter, you had a chance to train in the track and field team but the coach took one look at you, just one look and sent you back to class immediately. He didn’t think you were a running material for you were always so quiet and shy. You were disappointed but you didn’t challenge his decision. Why haven’t you stood up for yourself? You might not become an athletic runner but why did you let someone stop you from even trying? All you needed was a chance to try. 

There are some things in life which you already know deep inside that you are not capable of and what you are doing now is purely out of obstinacy.

Are you blaming me for trying?

Come on, how many years did you waste trying to get qualified as a lawyer only to quit less than 6 months into your traineeship and decided that a research career is more suitable for you? You KNEW from the beginning that private practice isn’t your cup of tea!

It is different this time. 

It is always different. You don’t know what you want at all, there is too much negativity in you. Nobody wants to listen to someone who whines all day. They like positive people. They like stories of determination and success.

I didn’t become a lawyer but you can’t deny the efforts I’ve made. I have the determination. I promise I will never let someone stop me from doing something again because of their prejudices. Not even you. Even if I fail, you can’t take away my right to try. 

Try by all means. I’ve warned you.

I wish you could be more supportive.

I am here to make sure you don’t hold your hopes too high.



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