No photos (of me) please

My collection of photographs taken during my travels consist mainly of sceneries and cats, seldom do I take pictures of people. I also refrain from posting personal photographs on the internet. Firstly for privacy reasons. Secondly, I dislike having my photographs taken. Not afraid or shy, I just dislike the idea of posing for photographs for I find it fake and artificial, not the person being photographed but the act of posing itself. Needless to say, I am not a fan of the selfie trend and selfie stick. I don’t think my dislike of having my photographs taken is an autistic trait, but it is certainly a trait of my misanthropic tendencies.

I remembered when I was a child visiting my cousin who got a new camera and was asking me to pose for her. I was standing stiff and feeling uncomfortable the whole time she was pointing the camera at me. I find the idea of posing in front of a camera nonsensical and totally unnatural. However, out of politeness, for example on occasions where I signed up for group excursions, I didn’t object to having my photos taken. Partly, I also figured it would cause less disruption to the itinerary if I just agree to have my pictures taken and done with. Nevertheless, I never thoroughly understand the fun of posing and why is it that people like to superimpose themselves over a scenery, making V signs, saying cheese or making deliberate poses for a photograph. Pardon me but (unless you are a cat), I do not find these postures endearing, rather they ruin the whole naturalness of the scene, in the case of photos taken against a natural setting. In part, the wilderness and misanthropist in me believes that the beauty of nature is perfect enough and she doesn’t need the complement of additional accessories such as humans to make it picture perfect. I admit there are occasions such as a family trip, where I have taken such photos because I want to remember that special occasion but this is something that I do sparingly, not every places of interest we visit and certainly not at the frequency with which I’ve seen other people do. By that I mean a group photo at every different location setting and spending more than a minute at the same spot to pose for pictures. That is overdoing to me. This is another reason for me to avoid social group outings. I guess it is also a sign of how I feel out of place in a group, I just don’t identify with the fun the others are having in posing for photos.

Manny the Selfie Cat Instagram@yoremahm
Manny the Selfie Cat

I have nothing against the taking of photographs and selfies per se (other than finding it amusing), however, people are not my priority and I prefer them out of the frame.  Moreover, I am just not enthusiast in having my pictures taken. Nonetheless, if I ever request to have a picture with you, it is as good as me saying I really like/respect/admire you. But even then, one (or two) is enough.


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