Genius and gifted talents

There are suggestions that autism or Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) is associated with genius and gifted talents. Einstein, Mozart and Newton are said to be amongst the list of famous people with autism. If you have seen the movie Rain Man, your impression of autism could be that of Dustin Hoffman’s character, the autistic savant with an exceptional memory for facts and figures. Temple Grandin is an example of a successful autistic individual who uses her special connection with animals to revolutionise the livestock industry. Stephen Wiltshire uses his unique skills and artistic talent to draw lifelike accurate representations of cityscape from memory. AS has also been referred to as the geek syndrome, accounting for the seemingly increasing number of geeky talents in high-tech industries.

AS is part of the autism spectrum and not everyone on the spectrum is a genius or has gifted talents. Sadly, my AS has not made me a genius nor gifted person. I do not have a prolific memory nor artistic or scientific talent. I am neither a geek nor tech-savvy. I can only make use of my gifted stubborn personality, if I can call it a gift, to do the best I can.

While not everyone with AS is a genius or has gifted talents, I believe children on the autism spectrum has some kind of special hidden talent to compensate for their social deficits, be it music, art, sports, animals etc. I choose to believe this because I recalled being told I have perfect pitch when I was 5 or 6 years old. It takes however the right person with the understanding, patience and compassion to uncover and unlock it.


One thought on “Genius and gifted talents

  1. Yeah! This 🙂 I think that the perfect pitch thing is indeed a hidden talent <3. There might be "stereotypical" talents like the math, memory, date recall, and so on, but I agree with you, that it's important (for others, I know you and I are on the same page) to recognize the "other" possibilities, too. Someone may be awesome at painting or they might have started reading at an early age, or maybe they're martial arts experts or awesome at law or philosophy/logic or whatever. 🙂 And yep, it can indeed take the right person with enough understanding compassion, patience, and sometimes teaching skill to nurture and encourage the expression and development of that talent. Awesome post, luv ❤ ❤

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